About us
Originally established in 1974, MacCabe Durney Barnes is a multi-disciplinary practice providing specialist planning, environmental and economic services. The practice provides a range of professional qualifications including spatial planning, chartered surveying  and marine spatial planning.

Our mission
Our mission is to promote planning, environmental sustainability and economic development as a process for achieving an enhanced physical environment and consequent improvement to the quality of people’s lives.

Our approach
MacCabe Durney Barnes provides a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to the delivery of services to our clients. Our professionals provide evidence-based solutions in the formulation of policy and the delivery of projects. The practice provides a personal and focused service to a number of high quality clients. It serves both the public and private sectors and has a considered knowledge of the factors which are critical to achieving development goals serving the common good. Its insight into the workings and motivations of each sector is critical to its success.