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Planning & Development

The planning system is broadly organised around three functions: forward planning, development management and enforcement.


Environmental Planning & Natural Resources

Planning for the environment and natural resources will ensure the long-term health of ecosystems, promote biodiversity, and meet the needs of current and future generations.


Placemaking & Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration and sustainable place making are at the heart of our planning practice.


Research & Governance

Research on key emerging issues and best planning practices and addressing them are essential in evolving planning policy and procedures. In addition, ensuring public body governance structures is key to delivering sustainable development.


Marine Planning

Maritime spatial planning (MSP) is a tool to manage the use of our maritime area coherently and to ensure that human activities take place in an efficient, safe and sustainable way.

Pioneering Holistic Solutions in Planning,
Environment, and Economics

At MDB, we understand the value of good planning. Planning has never been so topical and complex as it is today. How we delivering societies needs for in housing, economy, energy and infrastructure must be balanced with our environmental obligations and desire to improve our urban and rural area. MDB’s team has the experience and skill-set to navigate these challenges and enable positive outcomes for our wide range of work areas.

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Empowering Lives Through Sustainable Planning & Development since 1974

The history of the practice stretches back to 1974, when Fergal MacCabe established one of the first planning consultancies in Ireland. In 2009, a partnership of Fergal MacCabe, Terry Durney and Jerry Barnes was formed. MacCabe Durney Barnes combined Fergal’s extensive experience in the private sector, with Terry and Jerry’s knowledge of the public sector. Fergal and Terry have been at the forefront of planning practice in Ireland and contributed to developing the planning profession over a period of 50 years.

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