Enniscorthy Regeneration

MacCabe Durney Barnes Was commissioned by Wexford County Council to carry out an Economic Appraisal to support the preparation of the Enniscorthy Town Centre First Plan.

MacCabe Durney Barnes was commissioned to review and appraise the emerging plan which seels to optimise the growth of Enniscorthy town and its potential. The plan, together with the economic appraisal seek to provide key directions to unlock the development potential of Enniscorthy Town Centre and guide its built and economic environment.

The principal purposes of the Town Centre First Plan are:

  • Establish key issues and opportunities for the Town Centre.
  • Provide a longer-term vision and strategy for regeneration.
  • Set out a longer-term, integrated, and coherent strategy for regeneration.
  • Devise a spatial and physical framework for regeneration of the built fabric and public spaces of the Town.
  • Identify and prioritize specific projects and actions acting as catalysts for regeneration.
  • Provide a focus for a collaborative process for regeneration, from plan-making to implementation.
  • Build on local capabilities and capacities for regeneration.
  • Underpin bids for funding and support for Town Centre actions and projects.
  • Inform the preparation of future plans for the Town.

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