Marine Foresight Study

MacCabe Durney Barnes co-authored the Marine Foresight Study with ABPmer on behalf of the Marine Institute.

Ireland is experiencing a period of major change in terms of the legal and policy framework for marine decision-making, the political and socio-economic context for marine activities, the influence of technological change on marine activities and resultant societal impacts.

Furthermore, increased awareness of the marine environment by the general public, owed to increased education and increased access to resources, as envisaged by the previous Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland, Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth (HOOW), continues to provide increased engagement with marine issues. Ireland is beginning the process of developing a successor to HOOW, and this foresight study seeks to support that process. The study has reviewed existing information, both in relation to past and current trends and potential future changes, in seeking to identify the key drivers of change across social, technological, economic, environmental and political topics. The results of the study are captured in an Evidence Database and summary report.

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