Clonburris SDZ Employment Floorspace Demand Study

MacCabe Durney Barnes has been commissioned by South Dublin County Council to prepare an Employment Floorspace Demand Study for Clonburris Strategic Development Zone (SDZ). Establishing a quantum of floorspace will contribute to the urban structure/form of the urban centres in the SDZ.

The study sought to:

  • Undertake a comparative analysis of similar centres in the Greater Dublin Area.
  • Review the potential impact of major infrastructure projects.
  • Prepare a supply assessment having regard to existing floor area surveys, zonings, current market availability and vacancy rates.
  • Prepare a demand assessment having regard to local and regional demand factors, estate agents’ reports, IDA/FDI/employer demands, yields/rents, with a forecast of demand.
  • Undertake a gap analysis between supply and demand.

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