Clonburris SDZ Retail Study

MacCabe Durney Barnes were commissioned by South Dublin County Council to prepare a retail study of the Clonburris Strategic Development Zone Planning Scheme. The area of the SDZ is c280ha and it will accommodate over 8,000 units in addition to retailing and employment floor space. The study sought to identify the retail need of the plan area.

  • Review the current retail policy for the Greater Dublin Area (GDA), the South Dublin County Development Plan (CDP) 2016-2022, the current Clonburris SDZ Planning Scheme and the Balgaddy Local Area Plan.
  • Assess retail floorspace requirements, and more specifically
  • Assess the vitality and viability of existing centres within the catchment
  • Measure existing floor space (including update of 2008 GDA Retail Strategy)
  • Assess the retail need, taking into account of revised planned population for Hansfield and growth in consumer spending
  • Assess the additional retail floorspace requirements, having regard to turnover of existing retailers, sales density, etc.
  • Consider issues of phasing
  • Consideration of qualitative factors and issues arising for the physical layout of the SDZ Planning Scheme
  • Make recommendations accordingly.

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